As Virginians, we understand the impact climate change has on communities across the Commonwealth. Our coastal communities experience costly, frequent and dangerous flooding. Agriculture — our largest industry — faces the threat of extreme weather, heat and drought. Even our iconic Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and oysters, and Tangier Island itself, are at risk.


Many in Washington D.C. are poised to take our nation backwards, not forward. Virginia’s senators are fighting for climate action, but with a new presidential administration, they can’t do it alone. It’s time to take action on the state level.


Governor McAuliffe has the authority to address the largest cause of climate change and shift the Commonwealth to a clean energy economy by limiting and lower carbon from power plants.

Tell Governor McAuliffe to take a stand for climate action. The governor’s legacy — and our futures — depend on it.

By adding your name and email in the form to the right, you are showing your support for climate action in the Commonwealth.

Gov. McAuliffe, please keep your climate promise by exercising your lawful authority to lower costly carbon pollution from existing and future power plants by 30% by the year 2030.